My name is ŞEBNEM and i am from Turkey . I am seventeen  years old and i am studying business at university . My first language is not English so i apologize for all of my mistakes .

As you guessed i am a huge fan of CHUCK . I LOVE IT SO MUCH  . When i fell in love it Chuck ? I first began to watch Chuck after season 4 .Yeah i know a little bit late but then it become my addiction . I finished all 4 seasons in a week . It was pure coincidence for me to watch it because i found it when i was zapping on TV . And i THANK GOD for that because i fell in love with the series from the beginning . It has everything in it .Romance , action , drama , comedy .. I watch a lot of TV shows but CHUCK is the best ever .

Also i am writing a fanfiction about Chuck .

1. CHUCK VS THE GAME  You can read it from here or my blog .

2. CHUCK VS THE ASSASSIN You can read from here

HOPE YOU ENJOY IT . ( Pls review after you read it )

You can contact me from Twitter ( @chuckbsarahw ) or Instagram ( @chucksarahb )

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